1- In Box Containers :

Marble blocks are pushed inside the box container on strong suitable wooden bars using huge fork lifts or using the over head crane together with a heavy strong pushing machine. For easy unloading please contact us at Marmo Design

2- General Cargo:

Marble blocks are placed the way they are directly on the trucks, to be transported to the port and placed on wooden bars on the board of special vessels .

3- In Open Top Containers :

Blocks are placed inside the open top container on strong suitable wooden bars for easy unloading.


1- Wooden bundle:

The slabs are gathered in groups each group contains form 8 to 15 slabs according to their thickness packed in wooded bundles & Loaded either in 20 feet box container using the boom crane or in open container using the over head crane according to the request of our customer as well as the availability of the open top containers.

N.B. Polished Slabs are separated by Plastic sheets to be protected against scratches.

2- Slabs Grouping:

The Slabs Grouping way of packing is really near from the wooden bundle way of packing, where each bundle (8 to 12 slabs according to the thickness) is separated from the other by two wooden bars and all the bundles are place over another two wooden bars separating the slabs form the ground of the container and this enables our customers to wire each bundle separately, lifting them up by using a boom crane or a fork lift and withdraw it out of the container. The only difference is that you will not be able to unload the container by pulling the bundles out.


1- Wooden cerates

Tiles are packed after being highly selected according to the approved samples in wooden crates (Boxes) lined by foam for better protection.
Each Wooden crate contains certain Number of tiles according to the thickness, All the crate content details are mentioned in the label paper fixed on out side of the crate.
Styrofoam boxes
Only 12″x12″ tiles (10mm +/- 0.5 thick) are packed in Styrofoam boxes before being packed inside the wooden creates, thin Plastic sheets are added between polished faces of the tiles to avoid surface scratching.

2- Wooden pallet:

Tiles are packed after being highly selected according to the approved samples on wooden pallets surrounded by foam for better protection, and fasten with plastic belts with rubber pieces on the edges to avoid any damages that might happen
According to the size & thickness of the tiles each Wooden pallet contains certain number of tiles, All details of the pallet contents are mentioned in the label paper fixed on the lateral side of the pallet

Packing types in images